Trade Marks

This is a list of trade marks owned and registered by Global Outdoors Ltd Koala Products. Omission from this list does not constitute a waiver of any rights that Global Outdoors Ltd may have established in product, feature, term or design. Use of any Global Outdoors Ltd Trademarks, including logo`s, images & names, may not be used without prior, written permission from Global Outdoors Ltd. Third-party usage of the Global Outdoors Ltd logo or any of its registered logo`s trademarks, images and names is limited to authorized users and only in accordance with Global Outdoors Ltd guidelines provided under the authorization. Any questions concerning the use of these trademarks, images or any other names, marks or logos owned by Global Outdoors Ltd should be directed to

Abode, Flatboy, Flat Boy, Evoque, Koala, Pocha, Muck Field Boot, Muck Field Boots, Dirt Boot, Dirtboot, Dirt Boots, Dirtboots, Driboot, Driboots, Mudder Boot, Match Station.