The Abode® carp brand continues to deliver confidence in the serious carp angling market, offering quality fishing tackle to suit all ages and experience. A quality chair really can make all the difference between a good day of fishing for carp, barbel in fact any specialist fish or a disappointing one. It has been scientifically proven that performance across all areas of life improves when you are well rested. It goes to follow that a day spent on a comfortable chair is infinitely better for your fishing ability than suffering all day on a standard fishing chair or, even worse, on the bank-side itself. The Abode® range of chairs has been designed by anglers for anglers and it certainly does not disappoint, easy folding, lightweight, robust ergonomic and most importantly a joy to use are just a few attributes that have made these chairs among the best in the business. For a non-biased view of the acclaimed Sport chairs check out Joe Morgans clip in the video section.

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